One of my favourite words in English language is “goodbye “.The situations it is used in ,especially the romantic ones,are inevitably painful but the sense of peace it’s inner meaning “God be with you” ,brings always stays with me.

Goodbyes have to be said at the right moment and in the right way,just like a clean surgical incision.To me the right time is when a phase of life slowly glides into another.It is no point pretending that things are the same when in your conscious you know that time has done its part—it has changed and also changed us with it forever.

Well there’s no right way which takes the pain out of the word.But at least if it is said with a free heart without bitterness,without rancour then it liberates us from the predicament.

We can then move on with God ‘s presence in our lives knowing that a wonderful part of our life is over,the memories stay but its time to say goodbye.


Just as pattering raindrops splatter a window pane so also the passing moments besprinkle a lifetime.Just like the sliding raindrops memories linger, experiences enrich and people affect. ‘Raindrops on my window ‘ are my collection of anecdotes as I amble down nostalgia lane . Welcome to my psyche.